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Zhengzhou Huachen Refractory Co.,ltd is a professional manufacturer of refractories used for various industrial furnaces. It was founded in 2003, and headquarter Zhengzhou, which is the capital of Henan Province. Henan is the birthplace of Chinese culture and has a long history. Zhengzhou is a new type of metropolis with a population of nearly 10 million. It is an important economic center and transportation hub of China, has the only air port in central China and regular rail trains to Europe.

Since the establishment of the company, we have focused on the research and production of high quality refractory bricks and raw materials,committed to providing high-quality industrial furnaces with better performance, longer service life and more green and energy-saving lining materials.Especially now, the fused cast blocks and the Magnesite series bricks and materials are our best products. We have two plants, one produce the fused cast blocks, like AZS 33#,36#,41#. The other plant produce MgO2 series bricks and Al2O3 series bricks, like Magnesite brick, Magnesite-chrome brick, Mg-Al spinel brick, high alumina brick and fire clay bricks ...

HCR expands his sale market during these years with our hard working. Now our products are exported to America, Australian, Vietnam, Russia, Kazakhstan,Turkey etc. As sales increase, our services are becoming more and more perfect. we believe that our high quality products and excellent service will fulfill any requirements from our clients.

HCR is committed to protecting the environment, creating real customer value, promoting lifelong learning and ensuring reasonable profits. HCR is committed to helping its customers succeed in a highly competitive market and a rapidly changing global market by offering unique and differentiated products.

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